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Marco Petrus, “Corso Italia”, 2007
Marco Petrus, “Corso Italia”, 2007

Company overview

Generale Fiduciaria S.p.A. is an independent, professional fiduciary company, established in 2006, also owned by the Italian listed company Gruppo MutuiOnline since 2016.
On 31 January 2017 Generale Fiduciaria has been qualified as primary level financial intermediary in the «separate section» of the Register of Consolidated Banking Act, as per clause 106, order of Bank of Italy n. 125142/17.
Generale Fiduciaria is also a member of Assofiduciaria and its financial statements have been certified since 2010.

The share capital of Generale Fiduciaria S.p.A. is Euro 270.485 and the equity is over Euro 1 million.

Thanks to our professional skills, we are able to promptly understand market opportunities and offer technologically advanced services comply with the customer needs.