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Marco Petrus, “Torre Velasca”, 2005
Marco Petrus, “Torre Velasca”, 2005

Our services

Generale Fiduciaria provides wealth planning tools for private clients, families, professionals, family offices and financial institutions, protecting the confidentiality of Clients' assets.

  • Fiduciary services: the Client who holds financial instruments, securities and shareholding interests in Italy and abroad, through the administration mandate (with or without registration), is exempted from filling in the RW and related income forms  of the annual tax return.
  • Tax consolidation services: the Client can pursue tax optimization of financial assets by consolidating different bank accounts held with several intermediaries.
  • Compliance and accounting services for Italian tax resident Trusts, holdings and real estate companies.
  • Escrow agent: Generale Fiduciaria acts as escrow agent in M&A deals, such as sale and purchase agreements, ensuring the observance of undertaken commitments by all parties.
  • Family business: we ensure the execution of estate division on succession and generational handovers.
  • Tax services on the pledged asset management and the related loan facility issued.
  • Conciergerie services: Generale Fiduciaria assists its Clients, helping them in their decisions, meeting their personal or professional needs, and supporting them in the relocation phases to Italy.
  • Services for holding companies: Our company provides family offices, financial institutions, professionals, partnerships or corporations and trusts with administrative and accounting back-office services related to financial transactions.
    The technological infrastructure allows to manage in an automated way even the most complex accounting and holding companies that also carry out stock trading, digitalizing all data sources and allowing an efficient accounting records management.